A 3-Step Method to avoid business presentation technology fail

April 14, 2010 |   1 minute read

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So you present with confidence

If you're one of those people fearing to turn on your computer for a digital presentation (eg. Powerpoint) at a business presentation, business seminar, BNI event, or webinar, read this.
You see, when your business presentation technology fails in the middle of a presentation, there are ways you can "save the day" but really you’d probably rather do all of your thinking before technology has a chance to fail your business presentation completely. So here you go:

3 Easy Steps to keep your business presentations successful

Step 1: Prepare a technology-free script. You don’t just need a print out of your notes, but have a few key visual aids you could use in case something goes wrong with the electrical equipment you’re planning to use. A lot of people forget great presentations are made up of more than whiz-bang technology.
Step 2: Arrive to your presentation 20 minutes early--not 5 minutes, and not on time. You’ll be giving yourself a chance to boot up your laptop, and test out the equipment. Half the time you’ll catch problems early (when you have time and the peace and quiet to problem solve – or arrange for new equipment).
Step 3: Have a friend in the audience who knows more about technology than you. Hopefully, they’ll know how to fix the problem. Even more importantly, their presence will help you stay calm in the advent of adversity.
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