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Does Your B2B Sales Team Have A Set, Repeatable Sales Process?

“Sales” may seem like a dirty word to some, but for businesses, “sales” means survival and your B2B sales team is your greatest weapon. After[...]

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Create Content For Your Email Campaign That Converts Leads to Sales

In the world of marketing, you need to create content for your email campaign that turns an interested contact into a customer. Writing the perfect[...]

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The Benefits of A Company Facebook Page and How to Get 'Liked'

Facebook, like Twitter, has the power to attract - if you know when and what to post on your company Facebook page. For companies that use blogs,[...]

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Why The Difference Between Features and Benefits Matters

The difference between features and benefits is well-known to copywriters but a mystery to many others. And this difference could make the difference[...]

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4 Reasons Buyer Personas Improve Inbound Marketing

You might think that your marketing and sales departments work together as a team (and in a perfect world, they should). But disconnects between[...]

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