2011 Business Marketing To Do List

March 02, 2011 |   2 minute read

Inbound Marketing

 Not everyone knows how to put together a successful online marketing strategy. But almost all of us feel better when we have a plan, which isn't easy to create on your own. So I put together a list of 2011 marketing business activities that will help you ensure you are getting your online marketing plan on-track.

  1. Audit website content: do you have interlinks, Analytics, and keywords integrated throughout your website copy? Does your website copy tell readers why you're different to your competition?
  2. Plan and write e-newsletters and email campaigns: someone once said, "If you stop talking to your friends, they stop talking to you: and it's the same with customers." Make sure you use e-newsletters and emails in 2011 to keep talking to your customers. They work better if you plan ahead because you can link back to previous posts, and promote what's coming next (so customers know what to expect).
  3. Write 1 blog & Tweet/week: business blogs demonstrate your expertise and also prompt Search Engines to look at your site. And Twitter is a great way to let people know your blog exists! Aim for 1/week so people don't forget about you. Once you've planned content for each week, you can do spontaneous posts and aim for 2-3/week.
  4. Populate new website content: had any changes in products or pricing? Time to update.
  5. Rewrite old brochure: brochures are handy to leave behind after a sales meeting--copywriters make sure those brochures keep selling for you (even after you've left the room!).
  6. Press release to tell everyone about new event: never miss an opportunity for free press!
  7. Run mail campaigns to get bums on seats: your mailing list should be the first to hear about your next event.
  8. Gather testimonials from clients so everyone knows how good you are when they visit your site!
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