Not Getting Results From HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software?

February 21, 2018 |   4 minute read


Not Getting Results From HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software?

Is this you? You’ve made a commitment to step up your inbound marketing game by purchasing HubSpot inbound marketing software. You have access to a vast library of features and resources, and you’re using Hubspot as best as you can...but you’re not yet convinced that you’re seeing an acceptable ROI (return on investment).

Maybe you’re not seeing the conversion rates you hoped for from targeted email marketing, or you’re not acquiring the number of homepage landings you set out to achieve. Whatever the shortfall, the bottom line is that you’re not getting the results from HubSpot inbound marketing software that you want.
Don’t worry — you didn’t make the wrong decision! It’s simply a matter of learning how to take full advantage of HubSpot.

Eh? What is HubSpot? HubSpot is the leading software provider for managing and assessing inbound marketing and inbound sales in one space.

Why You’re Not Getting Results From HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software

There are a number of reasons. Do any of the following statements sound familiar when it comes to your HubSpot experience?

  • You don’t have time to use all the tools
  • You can’t keep up with content production
  • You don’t have an official inbound marketing strategy

certified HubSpot partnerThese are all important elements for ensuring success with HubSpot. If you’re struggling, consider connecting with a certified HubSpot partner (Tangible Words, for example) to help you determine your inbound marketing strategy, create content, and monitor performance, among other things.
An inbound marketing agency can help you achieve:

  1. Content muscle: you’ll never have to write the content.

  2. Peace of mind that you’re receiving value for your investment; Tangible Words manages all of HubSpot’s inbound marketing tools for you, so you don’t have to worry about not taking advantage of everything you’re paying for.

  3. A stable, consistent content calendar — you’ll never fall behind - all your content will be strategic towards your company objectives.

  4. An expert inbound marketing strategy that’s tailored to your needs and to your targeted buyer persona so you attract more quality leads, not just more leads.

  5. Support beyond Hubspot Support: we know the traps and tricks beyond what you can learn in the Hubspot Academy or months of practice because we have exposure and practice with more accounts than yours.

Area9 Learning is extremely pleased with the first month’s inbound marketing results obtained from hiring Tangible Words, an inbound marketing growth agency and HubSpot partner.

Expand Your Knowledge Of Inbound Marketing And HubSpot

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Determine how to maximize your ROI with HubSpot inbound marketing software; download our free Inbound Marketing Essentials ebook and learn:

  • How inbound marketing increases revenue
  • How to budget for inbound marketing
  • Benefits of working with a certified HubSpot Partner