How AI Makes Marketers Better- The Future of Marketing Is Here

September 11, 2023 |   6 minute read

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How AI Makes Marketers Better- The Future of Marketing Is Here

Whether it’s classrooms, office spaces or dining room tables everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. As we become more aware of AI’s capacities the concern around the future of many industries builds. As inbound marketing specialists, we understand the pressure marketers are under and we want to ease some of your concerns. AI marketing is changing the marketing industry, but evidence is pointing towards the reality that AI doesn't eliminate marketing jobs but rather changes the way those jobs are done. The knowledge gathering powers of AI technology carry the unique ability to assist and enhance the work of marketers, but marketers themselves remain a foundational pillar of the marketing industry. The future of marketing is here, and instead of pushing against it, we want to welcome that change by learning how AI technology can help us all become better marketers. 

How Has AI Already Shaped the Future of Marketing?

Like social media, the emergence of artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed the way we approach marketing. AI marketing – or Artificial intelligence marketing–  is when marketers use AI technology to help them gather insights for their marketing strategies. Human connection is an essential part of marketing, making marketers a foundational part of the industry, but AI technology can act as a useful assistant to that foundation. AI can help marketers tailor campaigns, attract more leads and create more personalized customer service experiences. Though AI technology can be intimidating, there are many ways this new tool can streamline marketing and sales processes and help you become a more efficient (and often less frustrated) worker. AI technology can help you, 

  • Gather consumer data to help personalize content 
  • Sift through and condense large amounts of data 
  • Develop ideas and create outlines for marketing efforts 

Virtual marketing has increased the pace of marketing demands and many businesses are turning to AI to save time and increase efficiency. We cannot confidently know the future effects of AI but it's important to understand what it has to offer and use this shift in technology to benefit rather than hinder our work. . 

How Can AI Help Me?

Your value as a marketer is undeniable but that doesn't mean you are working as efficiently and affectively as you could be. Creating campaigns and collecting data can be lengthy tasks, even for experienced marketers. Hours of brainstorming, data collection and analytics are needed to ensure that your marketing efforts are tailored to reach your audience and attract leads. AI can do a lot of this tedious work for you – which means you get to start being creative earlier in the process.  

Content Creation

Creating engaging content is important for any business, but coming up with ideas can be harder than creating the content itself. When beginning to write a blog or brainstorming for a campaign, AI can help you generate initial ideas and provide prompts when you’re feeling stuck. Essentially, AI tools can do the research for you so you can spend more time strategizing, writing, and being creative with your content. AI applications are best used as a brainstorming tool, rather than as copy and paste solutions to writer's block. Have you ever tried using AI to write an essay or even a paragraph of content? Even though it usually gets the facts right, AI tools usually fail to produce anything particularly insightful. That’s where you (yes you, the human with a brain) comes in. 

 As a HubSpot Agency Partner, we have seen first hand how HubSpot's AI marketing tools can streamline marketing and sales operations when ideas are generated by strong marketing team and agencies. AI supports your creativity but is not always reliable when tasked with creating high quality ideas. Think of AI like Wikipedia. Like Wikipedia AI is a useful research tool to help you get your footing, steer you in the right direction and find useful data. Let's face it Wikipedia is often correct but since it's content isn't written by vetted sources it can't be the sole trusted source for your work. AI technology can help you flush out and execute your ideas, but it is marketers and marketing agencies that vet those ideas for accuracy and mold them into successful campaigns. Tools like HubSpot's Content Assistant  support your creativity by providing suggestions to get your ideas flowing. Not only can AI tools help generate ideas, but they can also push marketing and sales ideas forward by collecting campaign supporting data, in seconds. 

An animated AI robot on a laptop 


Search engine optimization is a foundational part of marketing and sales campaigns. Though foundational, finding keywords and analyzing competitor websites and audience demographics are lengthy processes. AI tools can help you access this information in seconds, saving you time to focus on creating well informed, structured campaigns. AI generated marketing tools like HubSpot's ChatSpot allow you to get detailed answers to simple questions. Instead of carving out time in your day to create a competitor analysis, ask your Chatbot to create one for you. By turning to AI to collect your supporting data you leave more time to focus on your most important tasks, so you can deliver the services your customers deserve. 

Improve Customer Service Experiences

One of the most powerful features of AI is its ability to collect consumer data. Understanding not only the wants and needs of your customers but their likes, dislikes and preferences helps you deliver the best possible customer experience. Not only can AI technology help you tailor your business to reach your target audience, but it can also help you assist your current customers faster. Customer service chatbots don’t need to replace your customer service team, but they’re great at providing quick answers so you can focus on helping customers that need more tailored attention, resulting in a more personalized and attentive customer service experience. 

What is the Future of Marketing with AI?

Although it’s impossible to foresee the full extent of it’s impact, open AI has the potential to change the landscape of technology as much as Microsoft or the iPhone. While powerful these tools are just tools. Marketing is about understanding the wants and needs of your target audience, and no one understands people, better than people. Human beings emotional intelligence remains an essential pillar to marketing, and therefore the marketer, an essential and irreplaceable part of the industry. 

Embracing these new ideas is fundamental to corporate growth, but understanding the limitations and the concerns which come along with these seismic shifts is also up to the consumer. Any new and powerful technology brings fear along with it, but by adapting to that change instead of running from it you are working to ensure you and your business continue to grow. 

Creating business strategies that adapt to the changing world around you is one of the best things you can do for your business but sometimes you need assistance to efficiently structure this growth. Our sales growth program will teach you the best practices for marketing in this changing technological landscape. Build a foundation that sets you up for growth by applying today! 

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