How to Be Good at Inbound Marketing From Inbound Marketing Specialists

February 28, 2018 |   6 minute read

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How to Be Good at Inbound Marketing From Inbound Marketing Specialists

When you compare inbound vs outbound marketing, inbound will always come out on top as long as you’re doing it correctly. That's why there's inbound marketing specialists.
Inbound marketing is a marketing tactic that helps you get more customers because it helps you:

  1. Warm up prospects who are already interested in what you offer (you’ll know what they’re interested in immediately).

  2. Better qualify new prospects (you’ll use content to widen your reach and appeal).

  3. Save time by letting your audience choose the information they want to see (you’ll give consumers as much information as they need to make a buying decision).

Tangible Words inbound marketing specialists offer full funnel sales support to help you reach a larger online audience. You’ll get consistently fresh content to appeal to new potential clients and more qualified leads for your sales team to close more quickly, or nurture those not yet ready to buy.

What Makes Inbound So Successful?

Inbound marketing uses online tools to reach potential clients and consumers throughout the buyer’s journey.Your goal is to make sure your business offers content that will reach your audience through the Awareness (initial search), Consideration (more detailed research) and finally Decision (closing the sale) stages of their buying journey.

Using the inbound marketing methodology, a process defined and refined by the leaders of  inbound marketing theory and software Hubspot, your business can create content and follow qualified leads throughout their journey. And, if you’re the right choice they’ll buy from you.
It’s not an interruptive sales approach. Inbound marketing is a helpful approach that lets you reach the clients you can serve best and increase your chances (exponentially) that they’ll buy from you.  

Inbound Marketing Content Essentials

Successful inbound marketing requires understanding and planning. You have to understand your core customers and whatHubspot inbound methodology motivates them to buy. Planning blogs, newsletters, and SEO keywords simply has to be done, and done a LOT and well. But that’s where inbound marketing specialists come in. We work to understand your business, your unique sales proposition (USP), and why customers want your business over your competition’s. Then we create content that speaks to those customers.
The inbound marketing methodology identifies four phases: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight these are the foundation of your content planning.  Content needs to be planned and written to fit each of these phases. Inbound marketing specialists know how to tailor content for each phase of the methodology.
Content is not just information anymore, you need to show your product is worthy to the prospective buyer. You’re going to have to communicate a lot more: and strengthen those messages  with images, videos, hashtags and stories.


You’re still going to need a website,but your website will be dynamic (no more static pages of unchanging information). Every element of your website has the potential to bring in a qualified lead--from your about pages, to blog posts, white papers and sales offers even images and videos.
Your website is your ticket to your online ranking. It is your stake on the internet so use it to solidify your reputation as a service provider, subject matter expert and quality product producer.
Both the website content and its design impact the success of your inbound marketing strategy. Yet most people only focus on the design impact of their website - don’t be one of them, you should be designing your content first.

Social Media

inbound marketing specialists and social mediaA strong social media presence is essential to get the full benefits of inbound marketing.  Social media gets your product in front of potential customers and its inherent sharing elements makes sure good content is passed on to even more of your potential consumers. Inbound marketing specialists can help you determine which social media platforms are most effective for your business, help you set up your accounts and create content worthy of likes and shares.

Never underestimate the power of a social media account for your inbound marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Yes people still read emails. But they only read the ones that appeal to them from companies they’ve given permission to contact them. You can’t simply add emails addresses to your list and send out random emails without permission anymore. And while you might think this is limiting your reach, it’s actually working in your favour.

Email marketing helps you get important information to interested consumers directly, and regularly. People who have given permission for you to email them are more interested in you, and more likely to buy. There’s a greater chance they’ll open your email and take action on the content, making your email marketing more effective when it’s going to a more focused, more engaged list.

You can build your existing lists by offering helpful content in exchange for contact information. The vague “join our e-newsletter” call to action is now all too easy to ignore. Make it really clear what people are signing up for, and you’ll increase your double-opt in rates in accordance with CASL.
Value-driven, meaningful content offers or calls-to-action can live on your website and be shared through your social media, too, tying together all of your inbound marketing content work to your goal of increasing leads and closing sales.   

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Hubspot is an inbound marketing specialist’s key to success because its software manages your leads from initial contact to final sale and analyses what you’re doing right (and wrong) making it easy to adjust your tactics and earn more leads. It’s the only software that gives you all the data you need to be your best online marketer and most informed value-creating sales person in one place.

Hubspot helps you navigate the inbound sales funnel: get traffic, get leads, get customers and analyse through one manageable portal connecting your website, social media activity and email marketing responses. As a Hubspot partner, inbound marketing specialists, Tangible Words, can setup and manage your Hubspot account for you too.  

If you’re ready to use inbound marketing for your business, Tangible Words can help you do it better. Whatever your goals are: X new customers or Y% higher revenue, Tangible Words will work with you, using inbound marketing expertise, to help you achieve those goals.

Need Proof Inbound Marketing Works?

We know inbound marketing works because we implemented it ourselves: in 2017 Tangible Words Ltd. increased revenue by 80% because we implemented our own inbound marketing strategy with Hubspot. Even better we helped a client implement inbound marketing and watched their social media activity explode by 230% and website traffic increase by 29% in one month.

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