Have you Been Avoiding Blogging For Your Company Website? Ouch...

May 05, 2014 |   4 minute read


Have you Been Avoiding Blogging For Your Company Website? Ouch...
In the last 3 years, Hubspot has emerged as the biggest proponent of content marketing, and they've helped popularize the phrase to which savvy business people are now attached, “ content is king.”
In this webinar, “Deliver [Content Marketing] Services that Provide ROI”, Hubspot articulates a pain point that is getting close to boiling over. Companies who have been avoiding a company blog aren't going to fare well in the future of the internet.

3 Business Consequences of Avoiding Blogging For Your Company Website

  1. Search Engine Ranking Decrease: if you don’t get in the game, you’re about to be buried by the people who are doing it.
  2. Not giving enough information. Prospects are looking up and down your website for information - but you’re not giving it to them. Quality content means giving your prospects the information they want to know—and the #1 way to give that information is through your blog.
  3. Not having enough points of “value-adding” content to stay top of mind with your prospects. If you don’t have a conversion ladder of content to offer as prospects come to trust you, they might end up trusting someone else, or getting stuck in The Land of Indecision.

Why Your Business is Not Blogging

I know, I know. It’s hard work. It takes planning. It takes creative thought. It takes time —but guess what, if you start now you won’t be the schmuck who missed out later and has to do it anyway. AND, you don’t have to do it all on your own. No one expects you to even KNOW how to do it. That’s what consultants are for.

Recognize Any of These Excuses For Not Having a Company Blog?

Not having the capacity to blog in-house is no longer a good-enough excuse. They're companies like ours who will work with your team and train them to write like experts. And even if those people leave your office, Tangible Words will take care of the knowledge transfer required to re-train the new person.
Not having anything to say is no longer a good enough neither is not having anything to say. Get started or you’re going to get left behind.
Not having enough time to write your company blog isn't an excuse either - you can outsource writing to experts who are able to juggle all the difficult things it takes to write a blog article, like SEO, Copywriting, and Content Strategy.

3 More Lashes With a Wet Noodle - Why You’d Better Start Using a Company Blog as the Root of your Future Marketing:

  1. The #1 way to increase traffic to your website is to have a business blog. Hubspot has tracked that 8-10 posts/month is where you see an increase in traffic. And don’t forget, it takes Search Engines like Google 30-60 days to index your content, so you need to make sure your time-sensitive posts like blog posts about Events are done 2 months before the date happens. (All the more reason for you to have a Content Strategy and an Editorial Calendar for your blog - again something that can be built better by someone outside of your company than you can do yourself.)
  2. Social Media is a supporting actor - not the first place to start when it comes to looking to build your business.
    This second point they make is also well covered in blog posts on the Tangible Words content marketing blog because we get really passionate when someone tells us they “NEED TO GET ON SOCIAL MEDIA” (Panic Panic Panic). Actually, maybe you don’t — yet.
  3. Start making more online sales by improving the organisation of content and the quality of content on your business website. Your website is the first place to welcome prospects, help them find what they’re looking for content and drive qualified sales conversations to your phone lines. We’ve been up on the soapbox about this a lot over the last three years:
What are the obstacles you face along the way? Are you struggling with business blogging? 
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