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How to Help Content Creation Go Smoothly For Your Organization

You, like most staff, struggle with writing content for your own company, usually because you’re juggling too much. Tangible Words content creation[...]

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Peterborough Seminar February 17th: Tracing Your Website Problem

WHEN: TIME: Noon – 1pmWHERE: Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, 175 George Street North, Peterborough, ONSPEAKER: Alysha[...]

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Keep Your Website Content In Line With Google Rules

There’s a simple way to make sure you aren’t penalized by Google rule changes, work with Tangible Words. We keep on top of and follow Google’s[...]

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Meru Cabs Online Strategy - How to Get You Noticed

We all know about the fun side of social media. We like to see what our friends, idols, and heroes are saying—or laugh at the latest trending humour.[...]

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Here's Why Desjardins Has A Good Website

Your Website Builds Rapport With Your Clients

Your homepage is your storefront—your client’s first impression of your business and the place to build[...]

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Your Website Content Best Practices Guide

Your website is a lot of work. It has to stay fresh if you want to keep on top of your online market. But a lot of work doesn’t mean insurmountable,[...]

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Make Your Website Resources Page A Tool Not A Placeholder

A website resources page can be a helpful tool for your users if it’s organized. Like any content on your website, if you make readers figure things[...]

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Helpful Website Content Lets Prospects Find What They’re Looking For

First off, do you know what your prospects are looking for? If you do, you need to ensure your website purpose is obvious. If you don’t know what[...]

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Country Goes Viral: Marketing Your Rural Business

Gone are the days when sandwich boards and flyer postings were the mainstay of your advertising reach. Access to the internet and online marketing[...]

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Have Your Company Website Homepage Rewritten Today:

Having a Hard Time Writing Your Company Website Homepage? You’re Not Alone.

You want user-friendly organization so your customers have a positive[...]

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A Compelling Reason Why People Buy Your Company’s Product & Services

Simon Sinek (in his famous "Golden Circle Ted Talk) says people don't buy your company's "what" or "how" but the "why you do what you do" - it's[...]
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A Beginners Guide to Marketing Your Tourist Destination

You have an amazing tourist destination that “has something for everyone”. You’re sure this place is so amazing that families will love it, your[...]

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Learn More About Co-Founder Vicky Marrack of Tangible Words

How to Learn About Potential Clients Online

Often when we are about to work with someone or if I am purchasing something online, I will take a look[...]

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“A Communications Plan helped identify messages and target audiences.”

“Tangible Words created a Communications Plan for EOCFDC, facilitating a process our team needed to go through in redeveloping our[...]

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"Tangible Words developed a Communications Plan and Content Strategy"

"Ever since I attended a Tangible Words workshop, I've been impressed—and relieved—to have found an organisation who really understands our needs;[...]

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