Small Business Victoria's BIG EVENT: Energise your Enterprise

July 07, 2010 |   1 minute read

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One of my favourite business events is coming around again in Melbourne: Business Victoria’s Energise Enterprise.
I don’t know about your state, province or country, but Business Victoria is a wealthy resource for business owners in Victoria. Business Victoria has events throughout the year to help business owners learn from each other. But their main event is: the Energise Enterprise Festival. EE is a month-long business festival throughout August, and the programs come out in July (NOW!).

Here’s why I like the Energise Enterprise Festival:

  • It’s a great way for start-up businesses to learn more about an area they don’t understand. This year, I'll be learning more about tax obligations.
  • You can shop for services. I like to order products, and work with people I know.
  • You get to meet really interesting people. I love learning about what other people do. And, if you’re interesting to them, too, you become allies for future business deals.

You, too, can continue to improve the EE festival:

Three years ago, most of the events were free. Now, more business owners are being asked to sponsor events (instead of the government). Expect to pay around $30.
Most of these business events function like business workshops and are worthy of your time. If you learn something, you can feel good that your money covered the cost of room hire, food, and even some of the presenter's time.
But, do scrutinise your events very carefully. If you need to, contact the people who are running it to make sure the program offers what you think it will. You want an event that delivers its big promise.
I always give feedback at the end of an event. I try to remember presenters are human, and we learn from positive and constructive comments. Being honest in my feedback makes me feel like I'm helping to make the festival even better.
Whatever you do, check out the Energise Enterprise 2010 events soon--I know I will be.

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