Use your 60 Second Company Infomercials more effectively

July 01, 2010 |   1 minute read

I was writing about how to attract more customers in 20 seconds to also help you write your BNI Sales Manager Minutes - 60 second company infomercials.
In my BNI presentations, I often give a few more tips than I ever can write on this blog. So here are a few more of those tips now.

You have an allotted time of 60 seconds. While you don't have to use all 60 seconds (I like to stop speaking before the timer goes), 
Here are a few more things you could talk about without sounding off-topic, or losing audience attention in your 60 second company infomercials:
  1. In 60 seconds, you probably have the time (and the audience's attention) for 6-7 sentences instead of 3-4 of a 20 second pitch. Remember the way you start your 20 seconds in business networking is really important.
  2. Use an extra sentence to describe the product/service you are offering.

  3. Respond to something already said that day. The way you listen has an effect on the group. Showing you're listening isn't just a way to lead by example. You'll also promote the kind of interactivity within your BNI business unit (BNI Chapter) that leads to camaraderie.

20 second infographic

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