#CoolCompanies: East Daley Analytics Curated Real-Time Energy Data

March 05, 2024 |   2 minute read

#CoolCompanies: East Daley Analytics Curated Real-Time Energy Data

East Daley Analytics founders Jim Simpson and Justin Carlson knew they could use their extensive knowledge of the commodity markets to help investors. So, they’ve made real-time data accessible to investors. Their team of problem solvers, ten analysts and certified financial advisors helps clients understand the numbers so they can use the knowledge to make sound investment choices using critical insight to stay on top of natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil and company financials.

Simpson and Carlson strive to prepare investors for energy market events by compiling reliable data that is relevant to investors.  East Daley Analytics identifies, understands, and monitors operational risk throughout the oil and gas value chain. Offering precise data sets and reports saves investors time and effort trying to collect and analyze the numbers on their own. 

East Daley’s data expertise is not simply analytics; it drives transparency in energy markets.  They’ve built the most extensive US energy asset database so you can know every asset a company owns and how that company makes (or loses) money. Data accuracy and solid analysis are essential to good decision-making. And East Daley staffers are real people ready to walk clients through the data so they understand it too. 

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East Daley uses a patented methodology to forecast the throughput and capacity of over 1,200 midstream assets of 26 major midstream companies for the most accurate, real-time data. Investors have two options to use the East Daley expertise: 

  • The Energy Data Studio™

Helps subscribers develop an informed strategy with access to current data and analysis tailored to their needs and delivered directly to a personalized dashboard.

  • Consulting Services 

East Daley consultants work hand in hand with your investment team to offer strategic advice, due diligence, and support for special projects or interests, adding robust models and datasets to augment your private data.

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You can access energy commodity information daily and talk to someone who can help you understand it all to make better investment decisions and earn greater returns.

As a Tangible Words client, East Daley added value to their extensive subscription list, offering new content seamlessly.

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