#CoolCompanies: Unicon Creates Better Education Platforms

January 16, 2024 |   3 minute read

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#CoolCompanies: Unicon Creates Better Education Platforms

Technology has opened up unlimited ways for learners to succeed. The founders of Unicon understood the power of technology to expand access to education 30 years ago. These two dedicated engineers, graduates of Arizona State University, have since devoted their time to creating the most effective online learning options for students, with more than 400 clients since 1993.

Using in-depth teacher/learner experience analysis to create better ways to learn online, Unicon helps ensure everyone has access to a good education. These education opportunities contribute to a better future led by a well-educated generation. They do this effectively by prioritizing the well-being of clients.

Using Insight and Technology to Tailor Learner Success Strategies 

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Solely focussing on the education ecosystem, Unicon designs, develops, and manages education technology solutions for major universities, colleges, and corporations. Here are some ways Unicon helps to transform online education with a learner-first approach:

  • Providing cutting-edge solutions to digital learning experiences through application development, cloud services, and open-source support programs.

  • Collecting and analyzing data to unlock valuable insights that help students, faculty, staff, and institutions perform better, 

  • Helping update technology and integrate new features into your current applications to build on your successes and meet technological demands.

Unicon offers identity and access management for secure learning situations and cloud-based services to make learning opportunities accessible.

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While client services are essential, Unicon also creates an environment where employees excel, fostering a supportive internal culture and hiring staff based on merit, qualifications and abilities selected from diverse applicants. Employee feedback is encouraged and acted upon in a safe workspace that prioritizes health and mental wellness. 

Simply put, Unicon believes education has the power to create a better future for all. And so, they’ve built a diverse team enabled by cutting-edge technology to deliver learner-centric education solutions.

As a Tangible Words client, Unicon is creating new channels to reach more education providers to help them maximize their learners’ success. 

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