“A 25% increase in webpage views & 50% increase in average time spent"

February 27, 2013 |   1 minute read

Testimonials & Client Feedback

One of my challenges has been turning our website traffic into inquiries. Tangible Words took on this challenge and up-dated my home page with text that engaged visitors and make them take a deeper look.  After a couple of detailed meetings the text was drafted and we made the changes to the website. The results have been fantastic. We saw an immediate pick up in overall page views of over 25% and a 50% increase in average time spent on the website from 2.0 minutes to 3.0 minutes. Most importantly I have seen an increase in the number of direct inquiries.

Thank you Tangible Words for your ability to deliver real results and help grow my business.”
- Peter Nolle, Director, Treadstone Enterprises Pty Ltd.


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