A New, Fast-loading Economic Development Website: West Parry Sound EDO

February 09, 2018 |   3 minute read


A New, Fast-loading Economic Development Website: West Parry Sound EDO

West Parry Sound EDO (WPSEDO) didn’t have an economic development office website, and were ready to reach their visitors online.  In 2017, Tangible Words, a growth-driven design website and inbound marketing agency, not only conceptualized, but also SEO copywrote, designed and built a new Economic Development website for West Parry Sound.

Tangible Words also created an online digital content strategy aimed at keeping WPSEDO’s messages relevant. The framework for using the strategy, and training manual for sustainably managing the  site ongoing in-house was also provided to WPS to keep costs down.

Throughout the whole project Tangible Words coordinated, collaborated and communicated with a large team of decision makers, given the 6 municipality make-up of the West Parry Sound Economic Development Office.
West Parry Sound Economic Development Website

An Economic Development Website that Users Love

Tangible Words took West Parry Sound through a growth-driven website design process from start to finish. The site is started with basic elements but has all the infrastructure required to robustly complete inbound marketing and inbound sales ongoing.

Alysha and team at Tangible Words were a pleasure to work with on our website and digital strategy project. They made a technical exercise easy to understand and laid out a clear plan for us all to follow. They were very organized and detail oriented helping us through the process from start to finish. They were accessible, very responsive to questions or concerns, turned things around swiftly, and delivered a tremendous finished product that we’re very pleased with.”
- Dustin Turner, West Parry Sound EDO & Marketing Coordinator

Developed with the user in mind, key features of West Parry Sound Economic Development website were:

  • Well-planned pages, optimized for easy navigation
  • A website accessible for people with disabilities (WCAG)
  • Website copy optimized for SEO, so it’s quick and easy to find
  • A fast loading website, on both computer and phone browsers

Implementing Inbound Marketing Software and Strategy

Website Grader West Parry SoundTangible Words developed an ongoing digital marketing strategy for West Parry Sound.  Centered around interesting and consistent blog posts, new content will keep the website up-to-date.

To measure the impact, Tangible Words integrated marketing Hubspot’s growth stack of free software tools so West Parry Sound EDO can track and nurture leads. While the data on Hubspot’s free tools resets after 7 days, they can start to measure impact and still have the benefit of the economic development industry’s best CRM integratedPresently West Parry Sound will use MailChimp for email nurturing integration to nurture contacts, but the WordPress website can easily integrate more robust tools like Hubspot’s Marketing Pro when WPS is ready (which is the whole point of growth driven design).