Align Website Words With Your Strategic Communication Goals Case Story

August 06, 2013 |   4 minute read

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Align Website Words With Your Strategic Communication Goals Case Story

BEFORE: The Strategic Plan Says The Website Will Achieve Goals X, Y and Z But How?

  1. Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) was already getting their website design refreshed, and making the content management system change to WordPress, a more user-friendly website content management system. After seeing Alysha lead a program session at the Ontario Eastern Municipal Conference (OEMC) on Using WordPress for your Company Website, they asked Tangible Words to do a website content audit of their old site to see what else they could learn  from a professional copywriting company about getting your online messages right.
  2. Tangible Words' Website Content Audit and Consultation revealed that there was work to be done in terms of keyword integration (of key services and the support QEDC provides businesses who operate in The Bay of Quinte) and the copywritten techniques required for successful online reading.
  3. On closer analysis, Tangible Words' team revealed that the strategic plan relied heavily on the website as a key communication tool - but the messages to particular target markets were not obvious such that these people couldn't recognize themselves on the site and find the information that was helpful to their interests.
[caption id="attachment_4899" align="alignnone" width="300"] Strategic Project Plan for QEDC Strategic Project Plan for QEDC[/caption]

AFTER: QEDC Website Content Re-Planned, Re-Considered, and Re-Written, + Training.

All of Tangible Words' work for QEDC surrounded their online messages. First we did professional SEO website copywriting and strategy, and then in-house training for their support staff.

Here Are The Strategic Objectives That Were Completed:

  1. Positioning. Align strategic communications goals from QEDC’s Strategic Plan and Job and Investment Growth Plan and create Information Architecture for communication products (website, articles, publications).Our writing service first looked at their strategic plans (which often says, "we'll use our website to do X, Y, and Z!") and to look to see the website messages are focused around those goals. We took the time to get to know QEDC's goals and visions for the future by looking at all previous documentation they had, and then figured out where the gaps were so we could support them with messages they would need.
  2.  BrandingDevelop SEO copywriting messages in communication products for QEDC external audiences. Develop, collate and create communication products (e.g. QEDC client narratives).Then we wrote the website content in keeping with those objectives, professional copywriting and SEO goals. And even after that, we are on-hand professional writers (in an ongoing Content Partnership) to help them with their continued content strategy online, writing frequent content for them around the strategy, on their website, in magazines and in print.
  3. Workplace Training. Best Practices Training for long-term, consistent use of Content Management Software (CMS), and external audience communication. As more companies move to a CMS website (like WordPress) staff members want to write on their website. So our training makes sure that when they do that they are following best practices for SEO and end users' expectations so that their website is still great in the future.

How do you see these achievements fitting in with your Economic Development Office’s goals?