“A Communications Plan helped identify messages and target audiences.”

December 08, 2014 |   1 minute read

Tangible Words , Testimonials & Client Feedback , Economic Development

“Tangible Words created a Communications Plan for EOCFDC, facilitating a process our team needed to go through in redeveloping our website. Throughout the process, the discussions have led to some really good staff brainstorming and insights, which we don’t often take time for. The external perspective and direction from Tangible Words was a real value add.
The report represented a significant amount of work, and provided detailed analysis of existing sites. The learnings from that research helped to identify our key messages and target audiences—as well as how to better organize and present those messages for each target sector.
The Competitor Analysis in the Communications Plan was also very interesting. We were able to see the impact of Search Engine Optimization and identify opportunities for EOCFDC in strategic online communications. I’m looking forward to leveraging this body of work as we refresh our website."
- Carol Armstrong, Executive Director, Eastern Ontario CFDC Network and SOFII (Southern Ontario Fund for Investment in Innovation)

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