Website Written by a Website Copywriting Company - What’s the ROI?

June 17, 2014 |   3 minute read

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Website Written by a Website Copywriting Company - What’s the ROI?

If you consider yourself something of a writer, you know there’s a difference between “grammar” and “style.” The writing style that should be used in your company website content and business blog is radically different from any style of writing you will have practised before, unless you’re a professional trained copywriter (which is rare, given the low number of copywriting courses available). Writing for your online audience requires an in-depth understanding of how people read and interact with content online.

You must be able to wield a style of writing that balances:

  1. SEO-focussed content
  2. Non-academic writing techniques
  3. Copywriting knowledge of how people read
  4. Graphic Text for online skim readers
  5. Benefit-focussed content
  6. WIIFM-focussed language
  7. User-friendly and “sticky" layout of content 
  8. Target audience focussed content
  9. Considerable Sales and Marketing Knowledge

What's the Return on Investment (ROI) for using a Website Copywriting Company to Write Your Company Messages?

Here’s proof that a qualified website copywriting company can get you the results you want. Tangible Words clients are always looking for their website to be a strategic communications tool, quite often to turn any website into the sales tool it should be.
Yesterday one of our clients,  Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC),  forwarded us an email from a prospect who was entering the sales process through the QEDC site. The prospect was a member of the target audience, and we designed the site’s content architecture and navigation with their needs in mind before copywriting the website content to go with it.
After their experience on the website, the prospect was motivated to contact QEDC - one of the key goals of the site was to increase contact points. Furthermore, the prospect wrote in their email,  " Great website – easy to use”.

So not only did QEDC receive an inbound marketing request for sales contact, but they also created such a positive experience with their target audience through the website's content architecture that they strengthened the relationship, communicated their values, and made an excellent impression on their prospect.

Isn’t that how you want every sales experience to go?


You will too can get a Return on Investment (ROI) by hiring a good Content Marketing company who leads many website redevelopment projects each year and knows exactly which pitfalls  to avoid - like going to a web developer instead of a copywriting company first when you need to revamp your website.

What did we do for QEDC's website?

Here is the Case Story on "Aligning Your Website Words With Your Company Strategic Communications Goals". If you aren't sure how your company can benefit from using a Content Marketing Company or Website Copywriting Team, give us a call (416-779-7407).

What did QEDC have to say about the Copywriting Process completed by Tangible Words?

Checkout the testimonial from CEO, Chris King - "Tangible Words offered Professional short and long-term strategic communications and content marketing..."
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