Getting it Done vs Getting it Right When Writing Content Online

June 21, 2013 |   2 minute read

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Getting it Done vs Getting it Right When Writing Content Online

My younger cousin was applying for a scholarship recently and asked me to pass my eyes over his application to see if I thought he'd clearly answered the questions, and to make sure he hadn't sold himself short.

Wouldn't it be easier to implement all feedback at once?

First I asked him for the Word version, and then I sent him some quick feedback on Facebook (our message medium). Later, he sent me the Word version and I asked him if he had implemented my first set of feedback. He hadn't. And I don't blame him, he was thinking like his education system had inadvertently trained him to think: "Wouldn't it be easier to implement all feedback at once?"
But actually, once we are starting to write content online, we need to think like professional writers so that we can utilize the best practices of writing in an age where content marketing is prolific and we're asked to read lots of words each day.

Professional writers know that with every pass at a document draft, we make it better.

Every time you work your ideas and rework them, you're improving the message for the end user.
That's why part of our quality assurance process for Tangible Words website  copywriting and content marketing is to draft and edit your content 8-10 times in house before we ever present the copy (for websites or anything else) to the client.
First our copywriters are asked to draft an early draft 2-3 times on their own. This way they have brainstormed the topic and organised the ideas, a 3-step drafting process on its own.
Copywriting for Your Business
Next, the copywriting comes to the desk of the Principal Copywriter for the file, where it is worked over 2-3 times, with a balancing check of re-brainstorming based on the Brief to make sure all the company's ideas were included in the copy.
Finally, the copy is presented to the client, who gets to use their industry experience to help with minor edits like adjusting wording and phrasing that they feel better suits their comfort level. This happens in the form of another 2-3 drafts.
This is a highly intensive, quality-assured copywriting process that Tangible Word's content marketing firm follows, because we know the importance of organising your ideas before working on the phrasing.

Re-Writing Your Website? You have a Decision.

So when you're working on Draft 1 of your website, and you're still exploring what your company will do, and what value you offer prospects--that's a good time to consider what you need.
Using a cheaper writer on some place like ODesk, etc. where you'll be able to find a journalist trained or English degree holders keen to practice their writing skills. Or a professional website copywriter, trained to write online with your clients in mind and who knows there is more to writing content for your marketing than just getting a few clean sentences down.

Food for thought?

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