Writing Online and in Print Different – Branding

June 10, 2012 |   4 minute read

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Writing Online and in Print Different – Branding

How writing online to your target audience is different to how you write to your audience in brochures.

  1. Give less information on your brochures. Brochures do not allow you to hyperlink. Hyperlinking on websites allows you to show readers you respect their time. Writing online can give more content than you can in brochures. Brochures must focus on a more streamlined message. Instead of giving the reader access to all of your ideas with a simple click, you need to focus your message on one main idea.
  2. Brochures are for direct response. Brochures are essentially driving home direct response – call us now, or call us later (branding) but still a response. Websites allow for “shadow shopping” so visitors need to join your database on first visit so you don’t lose interested prospects. But you are going to get more “views” online than you are on your brochures. That’s why you should print your brochures and give them out selectively, or simply allow them to provide an awesome offer promoting direct response.

    IF your brochure just gives a bunch of information about who you are---it will never be successful. Offer something that excites your customers on your brochure. In our Tangible Words workshop –Keys To Writing Sales Letters and E-newsletters” – we teach the “killer combination” and show you how to craft offers that increase your chance for customer response. You should be thinking about this “offer +incentive +action” on all of your sales and marketing campaigns-as without them you won’t get a response.
  3. Brochure language must be even simpler. Don’t use new terms on your brochures. You can get away with new terms when writing online if you hyperlink the page which gives the definition of the term. On a brochure, you should speak only in the language with which your ideal customers is most familiar. People read brochures like a newspaper too, but I suspect because we know brochures are created by a company, we are even more likely to ignore them and pass up an opportunity to read them. You decide to throw out a brochure even faster than you do to get off of a website (far less than 3 seconds). That’s why your #2 is so important.

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