#CoolCompanies GIS Planning Economic Development Tools Grow Communities

March 18, 2021 |   2 minute read


#CoolCompanies GIS Planning Economic Development Tools Grow Communities

Economic development and tourism are essential to keeping Canadian communities growing and thriving especially in the COVID era. You can put your community at the top of the list for innovation amongst investment and tourism using tools from GIS Planning.

What’s better is you don’t need to be a GIS professional to use it - in fact, what’s great about GIS Planning’s tools is that your local residents and businesses will be using the tools and benefiting from data GIS Planning sets up for you.

Whether it’s attracting investors or enticing visitors to explore your main attractions, GIS Planning’s  Zoom Prospector and Zoom Tour online tools give your audience a quality, real-time look at what’s happening in your region helping them choose to be a part of it.  With online, interactive tools users get an easy-to-use, visually appealing, information-rich way to see a region’s best qualities using limitless GIS data, interactive mapping and multimedia presentation capabilities. 

How To Use GIS Planning Tools To Promote Canadian Regions

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Zoom Prospector puts your best demographics in front of decision-makers in a format that meets their needs with 9 reporting options to choose from.

How does  Zoom Tour give you a competitive edge?  Multimedia presentations are drag and drop designable so you can wow tourists with gorgeous photos, birds-eye view videos and your scintillating voiceover. 

Across Canada, GIS Planning works with communities in Ontario such as The City of Ottawa, Niagara Economic Development, Burlington Economic Development and east to Montreal and The Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation and west to the Cities of Spruce Grove, A.B. and Abbotsford, B.C. 

So what should you do with this information? 

Check out  GIS Planning or learn how Tangible Words has helped other great companies achieve their growth goals.

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