Help! We Need a New Website But Not Everyone On Our Team Agrees!

June 27, 2013 |   2 minute read


Help! We Need a New Website But Not Everyone On Our Team Agrees!
Is your team not in agreement about which messages should be on your website? That's pretty normal. You've been running one system, and it has been working, sort of; some of you would like to shake things up a bit (like get a website rewrite, take a content marketing workshop, or start writing articles to industry mags) to make it more effective. But that means changing the way you are doing things now--and change has to be tightly managed so that you don't risk losing more than what you already had, as well as becoming even more busy (and annoyed) in the process.

How To Get Your Team Members To Agree So You Can Move Forward With Strategic Communications And A New Website

I noticed a few of our clients were having the same problem of wanting to offer better information to their target audiences ( content marketing styles) but they were stuck by inertia, from inner office politics to budget approval. And it's completely normal, but it's completely confounding when you believe there might be a better solution out there.

So I Designed a Pathway That Will Help You Get All Your Team Members to Agree:

  • On what needs to be done;
  • What needs to be said;
  • To whom it needs to be said;
  • Who's going to do it;
  • When is it going to be done.
  • And anything else we need to figure out along the way.

And not only do I facilitate this pathway, I project manage it--and the Tangible Words Team does most of the work. As one of my client recently said to me, "I love it when shit gets done and I'm not the one doing it!"

Alysha: Principal Copywriter
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