How To Increase Online Traffic and Build Relationships From Your Blog

September 23, 2016 |   2 minute read

How To Increase Online Traffic and Build Relationships From Your Blog

I need to increase online traffic and build relationships with my clients but writing a blog is such a pain. This thought has probably crossed your mind.
Yep, writing a blog can be a burden. The payoff though? Connecting with your consumers on a human to human level. Write a blog well and produce helpful content and you can convert online interest into sales.
Maybe you’re reading this right now because you have to write a blog today? No problem, read on to find out how Tangible Words writers create fresh and engaging blog content, a lot of it. Even when it’s tough to think of something to say. And, remember, you don’t actually have to write that much, just make sure what you are saying is worth the read.

6 Blog Content Examples To Increase Online Traffic and Build Relationships

  1. Infographics: Not much writing at all but it does take effort.Use interesting images to illustrate persuasive facts about your business.  Infographics work because readers process the information quickly (and retain it) far better than lengthy text. If you’re not design savvy, get a professional to do it for you.
  2.  Lists: Readers love to know what’s best so break it down for them.
    Top 10s, 5 Things, 3 Steps…lists are quick content that can provide helpful information to your clients, solve their problems (or convince them to hire you to do it for them);
  3. Success Stories: Give proof you can do what you advertise.
    Being a good storyteller makes good success story reading. Set the stage, outline the dilemma, and then show how it was solved. Make it all about your client too, it’s never about you.
  4. How-To Guides: Practical advice in an easy to read format.
    How to guides let you share your expertise with clients and keep them coming back for more. Giving useful advice creates trust and a reason for readers to look for your content.
  5. Personal Stories: Okay, so personal story content is about you however it still serves a need for your readers.
    Let readers get to know you and attach some emotion to your content. And while the content is personal, your lessons learned, opinions or inspiration can build relationships better than a great product or deal.
  6. Resources & Tools:  Offering information that solves problems, for free, works.
    When potential clients are googling for help, like “how can I increase traffic and build relationships from my blog”, give them the helpful content they need. Even better, resources and tools blogs can just be longer lists and graphic infused text based on what you know so it’s easier to create.

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