How to Make Your Life Awesome: You Need Remote Work Options

April 23, 2024 |   4 minute read

How to Make Your Life Awesome: You Need Remote Work Options

I’ve written a lot of blogs for Tangible Words. 

Here’s one about me and the unique life I was able to create working for them. 

It’s kind of a fun story. Before I worked for Tangible Words, I was a client. 

It seems like a lifetime ago, as my life has changed so much since I first went to a website workshop by Tangible Words co-founder Alysha Dominico.

Improve Your Outlook on Life: Choose Remote Work

At the time, I was working in communications for a government-funded organization. The communications budget always seemed to be fair game for cuts. Sigh. 

The day my Board of Directors Chairman came into my office, handed me Alysha’s card and said, ‘You should get in touch with her. She’s good.’ was a game-changer. He’d just returned from a municipal conference where he’d attended a presentation by Alysha.

I was trying to revamp a website with little technical knowledge of how to do it because the organization was full of technical jargon that people needed to understand outside the organization. I needed help to get the message across in a new and straightforward way to engage our supporters and educate those who were not.

He was right; she was a great speaker, leaving the attendees excited and prepared to tackle their website woes. (You can hear her for yourself. She talks to industry experts on the Company Growth Podcast). 

Not only did I end up with an excellent website for my organization, but that simple nudge to have me sign up for Alysha’s workshop also started the ball rolling for significant changes in my life. 

How I Got on the Remote Work Path

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Doing a bit of research to see what else Tangible Words could help me with, I saw they were looking to hire remote copywriters. A very intriguing concept, as this was more than ten years ago, and the idea of flexible work-from-home was not mainstream. Discovering this unique company with forward-thinking remote work ideas gave me the freedom to shape the career I needed to have the life I wanted. 

The path was winding.

After the obligatory conversation with a good friend to determine whether I was “crazy” or not to take the leap, I left my full-time job. I took the Tangible Words copywriting course and started to work on a contract for them while pursuing my own small business web design goals to help retailers in my town. 

I smile, remembering my youngest daughter telling me that quitting my 9 to 5 job for work with Tangible Words was the best day of her life. I knew why. No more undue stress to do family-centred tasks like getting to appointments, attending school plays, helping shuttle the team to sports tournaments, and so on. I even started coaching her soccer team.

How Work From Home Opportunities Gives You Freedom

Alysha, along with her wife and Tangible Words co-founder Vicky Marrack, knew the future of the workplace was flexibility and balance long before the pandemic made it necessary. Over the years, they worked hard to perfect the work-from-home model and make fulfilling careers accessible

During my almost ten years with them, I’ve worked different jobs and been welcomed back to the team. Always flexible and constantly progressing, Tangible Words hasn’t stopped growing and tackling new avenues in the industry. They’ve risen to the top in multiple areas and been recognized internationally for their Hubspot platinum agency work, inbound marketing work, work-life balance model and all-around excellence as a women-run business. 

After a few years, I discovered another work passion: gardening. I started working part-time as a local landscaper to take a break from my digital tasks and shake things up.

The owner wanted to retire and offered to help me learn the business and take over her clients. So, long story short, I now have my own landscaping business and work for Tangible Words during the off-season with a few clients over the summer months, too. Oh yeah, and I help them with their gardens, too.

How Many Ways Can Remote Work Make Your Life Better?

remote work career image.

Remote work is not just for working mothers (that’s just part of my story).  The freedom to live as a productive and valued employee without sacrificing personal life goals is an empowering opportunity that could appeal to everyone.  People want to work for people interested in their well-being and design a workplace that meets those needs while providing excellent service to their clients.

5 Reasons Working For Tangible Words is the Best Online Job

  1. You can go on vacation when it works for you. (I took a dream vacation to Portugal this year).
  2. Taking kids to the dentist does not involve a series of schedule-juggling acts. (You just take them and come home. Note kids with braces have to go to the dentist a lot.)
  3. You don’t have to go to Costco on Saturdays. (Too scary for me!)
  4. You can take your breaks when it works for you. (Like when your BFF needs an urgent rant session. Bonus: you won't have to rant about your job!)
  5. The best reason of all is you have a choice. You work from where it makes sense for you, when it makes sense for you, so that you can excel at your career. No barriers. 

If you’re ready to explore different career paths with the stability of a supportive employer and work from home, check out the Tangible Words Career page.

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