How Remote Work Took the Stress Out of Joining the Workforce

May 21, 2024 |   2 minute read

How Remote Work Took the Stress Out of Joining the Workforce

When I graduated from university I was 21 in the very classic position of being utterly at a loss for what I wanted to do next. I’d finished my degree in Early Modern Studies and History at the University of King's College in Halifax, had worked for the summer at a non-profit running day camps, and only knew with no uncertain doubt and not a lot of justification that I wanted to move to the UK. remote work imageTangible Words entered my world through conversations with friends from school who were already working there. My gears started turning when I realized that as a self-contractor I could move to London with remote work already in hand — when I interviewed for the job Alysha and Vicky knew and were immediately supportive of my goals.

The move wasn't just about changing locations; it was a deliberate step towards a career that offered flexible job options, autonomy, and the chance to learn a lot.

My Unique Remote Work Opportunity Lets Me Live Without Limits

Remote work became the cornerstone of my work life offering an unprecedented sense of freedom. No longer confined to a set schedule or a specific location, I found myself working from diverse settings, adjusting my hours to suit both my work responsibilities and personal adventures. Nothing feels better than being able to balance work and travel by traveling while working. I’ve opened up my laptop in Porto, Northern Finland, Budapest, camping in PEI, the English countryside, and more to join calls with clients and coworkers across the world.

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What I find particularly rewarding about my remote work journey is the professional evolution it has enabled. Starting with a unique academic background and minimal work experience, I've steadily taken on more responsibilities. Today, I find myself not just contributing but running projects—a testament to the opportunities for growth within this unconventional work environment.

I can't help but appreciate how remote work has reshaped my life. It's more than just a way to earn a living; it's a lifestyle that fosters exploration, growth, and empowerment.

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