How to personalise your twitter webpage

September 01, 2010 |   4 minute read


How to personalise your twitter webpage

Remember when I said how good Twitter was for business? Once you’ve created your Twitter account, you will also want to personalise your Twitter webpage.

You can make your Twitter webpage be consistent with your online branding by personalising your Twitter webpage. A professional looking Twitter webpage lends credibility to your content, as you’re not just some “fly by night” account holder who is going to disappear. When people visit your Twitter webpage, they’ll see the effort you put into tending to your Twitter webpage. So a personalised webpage makes your business Twitter account look more like a business. Further, people will also be more likely to recognise your expertise on the content you post.

There are all kinds of graphic designers online who will design your Twitter webpage for you. But if you aren’t in a position to spend money on your twitter account, here are THREE free options to personalising your Twitter webpage.

  1. Use the design section under your “Twitter Settings Profile.” Twitter offers you colour schemes you can use, and some templates. But, Twitter’s design options are a bit limited if you want your Twitter webpage to look like your website.
  2. Use Twitbacks. Twitbacks offers you more templates than You can create another free account on You can either upload a custom Twitter background, or simply upload your business logo to Twitbacks. On the Tangible Words Twitter webpage, I used a Twitbacks template for the Tangible Words brown and orange colours. Then I added my logo and Tangible Words business information (link to my Twitter webpage).
  3. Check out It has more background templates and even a blank page to build upon. I liked how I could add text, and import the background into Twitter directly. However, I didn’t like that I wasn’t given direction on font size so that it fit on the Twitter page adequately.
    TIPS: you can also google “Free Twitter Background” for more options. Why not try them out and post a comment back here to let us know how it worked out for you?

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