Make Your Twitter Content Worth a Retweet

August 12, 2015 |   2 minute read


Make Your Twitter Content Worth a Retweet

When your followers 'favourite' your tweets, it can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. You’re just happy you’ve tweeted information someone is interested in. And even if people like your tweets on an individual level, how do you write tweets that are good enough to be shared with wider online networks?

Here’s 5 Tips To Help Get Your Twitter Content Retweeted

  1. Make Your Followers FeelAdd an image that is awe-inspiring or just plain funny to prompt followers to pass the message along. Include links (near the end of the message) and relevant hashtags (no more than 3) too. It will all help tell your story and make retweeting more appealing to your audience.
  2. Say What You Want—Ask for Retweets, yep that’s it. “Please Retweet” works well. You could say this is a call to action, which is also essential to your complete content marketing strategy.
  3. Tweet At The Right Time—Tweet when your followers are actually free to look at Twitter (use your analytics). This may be the weekend or lunch times or on the train to work. Find the best time to catch them so they’ll read your Tweet and make the effort to pass it forward. Use an editorial calendar to help you plan the most relevant Twitter content and the best time to Tweet it.
  4. Pay It Forward—If you want retweets, retweet others’ good content and give them credit. Choose carefully so it meshes with your own ideas and upholds your online reputation. Do it often enough to show respect for their content and they’ll return the favour. You can also retweet to voice your opinion on someone’s content by either supporting or arguing against it, but be aware of your target audience because sometimes strong opinions can backfire. Keep your business Twitter respectful.
  5. Make Followers Look Good If They Share—Tweets are marketing content and good content is what will get you noticed and get your information shared. Give your followers helpful content or offer up something they don’t know and will want to pass on like news, instructional advice, or opinions. Help them feel that they’ve discovered something new and timely to share. They’ll forward the information on, making both you and them look good.

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