Review: What new laptop should you buy for your business?

March 30, 2011 |   2 minute read

Review: What new laptop should you buy for your business?
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"] MacBook Pro at the desktop. Image via Wikipedia[/caption]

I’ve always been a Windows/PC supporter. But in 2009, I switched my business computer to a Macbook Pro and I’m so happy.

Mac offers Mac One-to-One sessions to transfer your PC files over, as well as lessons on learning to “speak Mac” (which is basically a discovery process of how many more features your Mac software offers).

I used to hear people say “Macs are just smarter” all the time.

Here are 5 illustrative example of hassles I save as a business owner, because I now use a Macbook Pro new laptop.

1) Automatic Backups through Time Machine – I never even had to set this program up, it just takes a photograph of my computer on its own accord.
2) Remember how PCs tend to load and reload a program twice, and at the same time? Mac doesn’t do that. (Phewf!)
3) You can “Force Quit” a program that crashes (Microsoft Word is notorious…) instead of rebooting your whole computer.
4) You worry less about viruses and hacking because of Mac’s frequent security updates.
5) My iPhone syncs harmoniously with my Mac and even thinks about which file is the most recent one. Unlike the nightmare my partner had with her Blackberry-Vista combination.
See? Soo smart…
(And, yes, as a small business owner: I love my iPhone; but I do have a wish list for iPhone 5 based on my iNeeds...)