Business Blog Series: How to establish your business as the experts...

January 26, 2012 |   2 minute read

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Business Blog Series: How to establish your business as the experts...

You've probably attempted business blogging and maybe even have a good collection of blogs on your site. That's great. While social media has opened up opportunities for quick messages and entertaining video snippets, the longer-form blog article helps establish your business expertise and boost your Google ranking. 

Increase your Online Business Presence with Blogging

Why is blogging the most effective way to establish your business as an expert and create trust online?

Content like blogs gives you the time and word count you need to share your experience and expertise meaningfully. People reading blogs are prepared to absorb the information in that format (beyond a 30-second video). Blogs help build your online reputation by allowing you to use keywords and maximize your SEO research. It's also important that humans still write your blogs. AI can help you overcome writer's block, but Google ranks humanly generated content higher than what is not. Ensure your blogs contain new information and provide fresh takes using your unique perspective in your industry.

When planning your business blog content, make sure you:

  1. Create articles that help you establish expertise and increase consumer confidence,
  2. Write to attract more ideal customers and nurture trust in potential leads,
  3. Use topic clusters and interlink your blogs to increase your chances of being found online.

Here's one way to communicate your business brand consistently.

Consumer confidence makes your brand the obvious choice in the face of competition.

The traditional way of creating consumer confidence is through the business network. You meet a lot of people, and you gain their trust. You can do the same thing online with a blog. Work with like-minded and support businesses to get your blog content backlinked from their websites and social channels. If other reputable businesses are referencing your content, you'll be seen as authoritative and trustworthy in your industry.

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Here are 5 Ways Blogging will Benefit your Business, and here's how you get started with a business blog.

7 Topics Popular Business Blogs Write About

  1. ‘How to’ or DIY articles.
  2. Current trends and data.
  3. Numbered strategies for solving problems.
  4. Case studies or stories about problems that have been solved so that customers can recognize themselves in the examples.
  5. Industry trends or news topics.
  6. Opinion pieces on a controversial topic.
  7. Formulas for success.

But how often should you write a blog, and how do you find time in your business to write a blog? Stay tuned for our next blog article.

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