“I have saved thousands of dollars by working with Tangible Words”

November 24, 2014 |   1 minute read

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"Tangible words has demonstrated their ability to improve my Australian business, by delivering a service that ‘Hits the Mark’ with our target market.  Alysha demonstrates a very talented ability to find the unique points of difference that I can’t see in my own product and service and  deliver  ‘a message’ in such a way that it creates a compelling reason why customers need to buy into my business.
Tangible Words helped me save thousands of dollars by planning and mapping out exactly the what, where and why of my product and services, to better define my target market needs' and create customer messages that will help them make purchasing decisions.
I was redeveloping my website for the third time before I started working with Tangible Words. It was only in working with Tangible Words that I finally found a marketing expert who understands my unique product, service and can tangibly communicate that offering succinctly to my target market.
The Content Partnership with Tangible Words has allowed me to utilize Alysha Dominico's amazing organisation skills, keeping me on priorities and my ‘A Game’ for selling. I get immediate responses to questions when needed and her experience and background gives me different perspectives to think about before making important marketing decisions.
On top of it all, Alysha has demonstrated supportiveness, patience and understanding through the initial start-up phase of my website and business.
I look forward to continuing  my relationship with Alysha and Tangible Words, they have been instrumental, from the get-go, for defining and shaping my success."
- Julie Richardson, Founder, Miamba


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