The Secret to Mastering Customer Service Online

February 01, 2011 |   2 minute read


The Secret to Mastering Customer Service Online

What do your customers see first?

Yesterday I was so impressed with one REALLY BIG COMPANY's online customer service. We never met face-to-face, nor spoke on the phone. But they were using their online presence well and growing because of it. The secret to Online Customer Service is a lot like parenting: just being there makes a huge difference.

Top Tips for Better Customer Service Online:

  • Respond to online contact forms and email promptly to avoid customer fears of "messages being lost in Cyber Space."
  • Automated emails are fine, but be sure to make them personal, answer obvious questions and give lots of links.
  • If you are emailed specific questions, respond to those questions first; then insert your templated email.
  • Even if you aren't the person who knows the answer, let them know their email has been forwarded onto the correct person, who will respond. It builds consumer confidence.

Tangible Words copywriters aim for top-notch online customer service. That's why update our business blog regularly, create presentations, communicate via the Tangy Words Copywriting Crew and always respond to our online contact forms and e-messages.
We also use Skype and have a top-notch web cam so customers can always put a face to our name. But enough about our intentions, how do you think we're doing?