Social Media Engagement – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

June 05, 2012 |   1 minute read

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Is your business on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. But the question really is, 'where do I find time to be actively using social media sites and what are the benefits?'

Social Media Engagement

Some of you may think that social media is really for the youth but in fact, the general age of people on most of these sites is over 35. They have also made it very easy for businesses to create pages and profiles so you can let people online know about your business. Having a website is not enough, you need to interact with your potential clients and the best way to do this is either through a blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Finding time is usually the main issue for most businesses. Some decide to outsource, or hire someone in-house but what is most important is that you have a content marketing strategy and campaign plan. Without this, you are not providing your readers with consistent branding and messaging about your product or service.

Here are a few articles that might help in your social media adventures.

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