Live Grammar Help on Twitter from Toronto Copywriter

November 03, 2011 |   2 minute read

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Live Grammar Help on Twitter from Toronto Copywriter

I was copywriting a client's website, and stumbled upon a grammatical query. (In an early draft, I managed to trip myself up with one of those complex sentences I don't usually recommend for online content writing.)
I knew I needed to fix the sentence in general; but it was also bothering me that I could not remember the rule for pluralisation of collective nouns with singular verbs and plural pronouns.
Luckily for me, working with language is what I do all day. So I was justified in spending time hunting online for an answer to my grammatical query. And I found it. But in the process, I realised people have problems like this all of the time when writing; and they pretty much are just looking for a quick 'yes' or 'no' to their grammatical question.
After all it takes extra time to wade through the technicalities and various grammatical scenarios. Fortunately for me I often know the quick answer (so Tangible Words' Toronto and Ottawa Copywriting business can flourish!) :)

But I thought I'd share the love online to help people out with Live Grammar Help.

From now on, if you're looking for a quick answer to a grammar question, tweet your question with the Twitter hashtag "#grammarhelp" and I'll get back to you quickly.


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