Online Content Marketing--is it an opportunity for you?

June 20, 2011 |   2 minute read

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Online Content Marketing--is it an opportunity for you?

Content marketing has evolved. Website content and blogs are still important for selling your business; now, there is an opportunity to connect with your customers in seemingly endless ways. It can be overwhelming to decide where to focus your energy.

"Dave"* called me two weeks ago. He was in a position that I often see a lot of customers. They're coming to the end of their sales funnel and are exhausted. They're attracted to expanding their online content because of the idea of "free ad space." Plus, they feel it's important to "keep up with the times." There is a lot to know, so he got in touch.

Reviewing your marketing efforts and seeing what traction you're getting if you're in a sales slump is a good idea.  

Back to Dave.

Dave has all kinds of great ideas. However, writing and understanding how to be an online writer (writing online is different from formal writing we've been taught) aren't part of his skill set. While online content marketing interests him, he doesn't have much "extra" time to create content to consistently attract his target audience. (What about AI? It can help, but the human experience combined with fresh and new ideas unique to your business is what will get you noticed online.) 

Business owners are the subject matter experts. Using this knowledge and experience with the help of a professional content writer helps ensure you're building your business reputation online in the right way for the right consumers.

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Dave was among the first to sign up for help with content creation. We had a 90-minute consultation and spent the entire time digging those ideas out of his head and into a formulated content writing 'plan of attack.' I better understand his market and what he was trying to achieve now. Our copywriters do the ongoing content writing for him; all he has to do is approve the business writing.

This scenario plays over and over, and it's good. Understanding that your business can benefit from the help of specialists in online content writing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing (paid ads, too) bundled into a content strategy sets you up well for going forward on your own. Or, you can keep working with content strategists to grow your business faster.


If you know there's an opportunity for you to get into online content, you might also wonder who has time to sit there and write 'draft after draft'? A content writer like a website copywriter.

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*Name changed to protect individual's privacy.