Why the Largest Food and Beverage Companies Use Social Media Marketing

October 02, 2018 |   3 minute read


Why the Largest Food and Beverage Companies Use Social Media Marketing

The largest and most successful food and beverage companies use social media marketing to build and nurture relationships with their online audience. But without a large audience yourself, you might wonder, is social media meant for you too?

The short answer: yes. Social media is critical for the growth of all companies, especially B2C (business to consumer) companies.  After all, you want your brand to be well known and loved online like all the massive companies in your industry; so Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a must-have in your marketing strategy. Without it, you won’t exist to anyone.

It’s more than just ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’, the large food and beverage companies know how to speak to and engage with their target audience. Does this get their products off the shelves? Absolutely. It’s the old ‘top of mind’ adage at work if nothing else.

But when you’re just starting out, your financial backers want results from your marketing efforts. They want you to “show them the money” and fortunately, all kinds of social marketing platforms will do that - the best in the industry being Hubspot.  

You can also leverage SMM to let your target audience know about your game-changing product in the same ways the top companies do. Or to handle complaints or concerns or questions. Consider the visible trail of communication on your social platforms when customers can see your interactions online. It gives them a sense of trust in you before they buy - or to keep them loyal and to continue buying you.

3 Ways the Largest Food and Beverage Companies Use Social Media Marketing

what do the largest food and beverage companies do1. Increased Awareness With Your Target Audience

What you need to know is that photos and videos are a digital currency on social media. The largest food and beverage companies are using platforms to build their audience. For example, photos are liked and shared by one billion monthly active users on Instagram. Conversations are subsequently generated and relationships are built so people get talking about your product and want to share with others.

2. Get Results Through Online Relationships

The beauty of SMM is that potential customers or followers initiate their way into the buyer’s journey when they follow your food and beverage brand. Gain credibility and build rapport through quality and creative content - they see what you have to offer, are intrigued and then once you have captivated their attention it’s easier to convert that attention to sales.

3. Educate Existing and Future Distributors

Let SMM compliment your salesforce as it puts your brand in front of your distributors and lets them know you’re large enough for their business. Show off your entire food and beverage product line and educate potential distributors about the problems and needs your game-changing food and beverage product solves and satisfies.

Use social media marketing not just for the end users of your food and beverage product but for the distributors who get put it in their hands. Apply all the ways the largest food and beverage companies are using social media and realize the growth you need to satisfy investors.

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