Your Inbound Marketing Agency Is Now an Award-Winning Agency!

May 29, 2018 |   5 minute read

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Your Inbound Marketing Agency Is Now an Award-Winning Agency!

Here at Tangible Words, we’re thrilled to be winners of the HubSpot Integration Innovation award! This award recognizes the innovative way we used HubSpot’s integration tools (WordPress and Zapier) to benefit our client Haliburton Forest.

Of course, the award is mere icing on an already delicious cake. Providing Haliburton Forest with a dynamic new e-commerce and online bookings website was its own reward as the Forest enjoyed:

  • a new industry-leading online reservation and booking system, which
  • increased online bookings dramatically, saving staff hundreds of hours per week,
  • at the affordable price needed in the tourism industry.

“The HubSpot Agency Partner Impact Awards represent the best inbound work globally, across five core categories. We would like to congratulate Tangible Words on achieving the Integration Innovation award for their region amongst their competition.” Scott Brinker, VP of Platform at HubSpot, Inc.

As a HubSpot Certified Partner and Inbound Marketing Agency, We Love What We Do

When rebuilding a website for our clients, like the one we built for Haliburton Forest, we focus on Growth-Driven Design. Our clients may or may not realize how much the technology behind a website lends itself to marketing and sales, but we make sure they’re getting the full benefit of their dynamic website by the time we’re done!

Area9 Performance GraphAnd it doesn’t stop there. For instance, once Haliburton Forest had their new website, they were ready for the other service we love to provide: working with sales teams to increase qualified leads and gain new customers, while at the same time helping them use their (already limited) time more efficiently. For example, we recently helped another company close $600K in new business in the first five months of our inbound marketing contract.

We accomplish these dramatic sales and marketing improvements by using HubSpot software and the inbound marketing methodology, an approach to marketing that respects the fact that potential customers want to be educated, not sold to. When we applied the inbound methodology to Haliburton Forest, we

  • Found out what kinds of people see a need in their life for, say, a Canadian wilderness area supported by activities and accommodation. (These people are the target audience, represented by a buyer persona — an important part of inbound —and not only do they want the likes of Haliburton Forest, but they’re looking for it.)
  • Attracted the target audience using helpful content – web pages, blog posts and social media messages – strategically placed.
  • Nurtured a relationship with the target audience by providing good, helpful content in exchange for contact information, thus allowing the sales team to create a robust database of, not just any leads, but leads who are already interested in the product and therefore already qualified. (This is where HubSpot tools and integrated HubSpot tools shine: The Zapier plugin captures new bookings via webhook from Checkfront, and the information is stored in HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management [CRM] Software.)
  • Maintained a relationship with qualified leads via email, social media and more good content, thus turning the leads into customers.
  • Maintained a relationship with customers through quality content, thus allowing them to become the Forest’s promoters.

“HubSpot is proud to call Tangible Words a partner. They have been recognized for their innovative and strategic inbound approach to help their clients grow better.” David McNeil, VP Global Partner Program and Strategy at HubSpot, Inc.

How Tangible Words Operates

inbound marketing agencyAs an inbound marketing agency, generating content is key to what we do for our clients. Our content creation powerhouse is a distributed office; our team members work from home and are highly skilled, with university degrees and professional copywriting training provided by Tangible Words. The writing is supported and displayed by the web developers, copy editors and graphic designers on the team. Many of the team members have specialized knowledge in fields like manufacturing, education, SaaS, food and beverage, economic development and tourism – and they all have a solid understanding of inbound marketing.

At Tangible Words we love to be transparent and share our knowledge, talking about it, teaching it – and also making sure our potential clients have everything they need to know about how we can work with them.

Find Out More From Tangible Words About Growing Your Business With Inbound Marketing

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