In 100 Years, Ontario Tourism Marketers Will Still Have To Work Hard

January 24, 2017 |   2 minute read


In 100 Years, Ontario Tourism Marketers Will Still Have To Work Hard

Two things won’t change in one century: Ontario’s plentiful natural and rural landscapes, and the human necessity for relationships.

Ontario Provincial parks have been around for over a hundred years and are on track to continue being places where future tourists can enjoy forests, water, cliffs, beaches and wild lakeshores. Even populated rural regions close to cities, like the Niagara Peninsula, are valued enough that they won’t disappear in the next few decades. Residents of these regions love the near-the-city-but-not-of-it lifestyle, and visitors love the slower pace and unique offerings of food, art and culture.

Circumstances on the planet may change; some are predicting that global travel will no longer be possible, others predict new methods of transport (anyone want a drone to carry them directly to their Ontario Provincial Park wilderness campsite?). But even if the population grows and sea levels rise, Ontario tourist spots will be attractive in 100 years.

And so it’s easy to be lulled into thinking that Ontario will just promote itself. But even in this age of mass communication, Ontario tourism marketers have to work hard to attract client attention. This is unlikely to change; Ontario will always need marketers to promote it.

Building Relationships with Clients Works in any Day and Age

Inbound Marketing Will Always be a Great Way to Attract Tourists to Ontario

Inbound marketing attracts the people who want your product anyway, and then maintains ongoing communication with them as actual or potential clients. The old outbound marketing methods were focused on getting sales, and they could be very intrusive. Now that clients are valued for their individual tastes and appreciated as ongoing customers, it’s hard to imagine marketers using any other method – even if, in 100 years, the advertising platform will be something we can’t even imagine yet!

One Hundred Years from Now, Your Tourist Region Will Know What Your Current Clients’ Great-Grandchildren Want

Inbound marketing has the added feature of putting Ontario tourism marketers in touch with their target audience. It’s easy to imagine that a future population will continue to crave nature and good quality food and arts destinations. It’s harder to predict which of these will become the most popular, and where the clients will come from. Will they come entirely from nearby cities, or will the international tourism industry explode along with the projected world population? As Ontario promoters build ongoing communication into their marketing plan, they will know, generation after generation, how to evolve their marketing material to match evolving tourist profiles.

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