How Inbound Marketing will Attract Tourists to Your Ontario Region

December 12, 2016 |   3 minute read


How Inbound Marketing will Attract Tourists to Your Ontario Region

Ontario is falling behind on attracting tourists to its region according to this Talk Radio 640 article about a report released by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. 

There’s Opportunity for Tourism Industry Growth in Ontario

According to the report, Ontario is currently suffering from:
  • A “deficit in the province’s international travel account”: Ontario residents spend more internationally than international tourist spend in Ontario
  • A $16 billion “tourism gap”: the difference between potential and actual tourism growth in Ontario

The report also reveals that while tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world, Ontario’s numbers have fallen:

  • Overnight visitors: 8.4 million in 2015 compared to 9.8 million in 2002
  • Same-day visitors: 6 million in 2015 compared to 17 million in 2002

This has consequences for Ontario since, as head of Tourism London John Winston says, tourism in Ontario

  • Is Ontario’s 16th largest industry contributor
  • Contributes $25 billion to Ontario’s GDP
  • Employs 360,000 people
  • Represents a little over 5 % of provincial employment

Innovative marketing is badly needed to turn Ontario tourism around.

Inbound Marketing and How it Will Attract Tourists To Your Ontario Region

Inbound Marketing attracts customers that already want your product (potential visitors to Ontario) by creating and sharing unique and captivating content and distributing it through blogs and webpages. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media ensure that readers find it. Inbound Marketers then nurture a relationship with those potential visitors through follow-up emails, social media, and ongoing quality content.

In the Talk Radio 640 article, John Winston identifies the area for growth in Ontario tourism: international visitors. He notes that worldwide polling reveals Canada as the top tourist destination for many people, but goes on to say, “We just aren’t grasping enough of that interest from that industry or from those people visiting to offer them the kinds of choice that they want to see in terms of the experience that they want to have.”

In other words, the international tourists want to come, they just haven’t been given enough attractive offers, incentives, and opportunity.

Inbound marketers must understand what international tourists want in order to parade the benefits of Ontario as a vacation destination to internationals, and to attract tourists to their Ontario region.

Blog contributors and webpage writers then align their content to those desires. The content should make it easy for internationals to decide to visit Ontario, and equally easy for them to act on that decision. Curious internationals will continue to find the region attractive as they read new, fresh, quality content about it.

Inbound Marketing To Attract Tourists To Your Ontario Region is Easy

Inbound marketing suits the tourism industry. People love to discover new places by reading about them, and Ontario has many enticing regions. Potential visitors the world over are thinking about their 2017 vacation plans, and many of them are thinking about Canada. They’ll be searching the internet – you’re the Ontario region they should find!

Do you want to attract tourists to your Ontario region with unique and captivating content? 

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