Inbound Marketing Will Attract Foreign Tourists to Your Ontario Region

January 19, 2017 |   2 minute read


Inbound Marketing Will Attract Foreign Tourists to Your Ontario Region

Ontario has the opportunity to grow its tourism industry; to do that, it must tap into the rapidly growing international tourism market and attract more foreign tourists to your Ontario region.

But what do potential international visitors look for when they think about Canada as a destination? Besides its cleanliness, security and good public transport, Canada’s incredibly varied geography and diverse wildlife is known to attract tourists. Canada has a reputation worldwide as an unspoiled and uncrowded destination, and people often come looking for eco-adventures, wilderness experiences or simply to enjoy the many natural areas that exist close to cities.

How Ontario Can Get in on the Foreign Tourist Market

Ontario has all the features that make foreign tourists want to come to Canada, but it might be undervaluing its natural areas. When potential visitors think about Canadian landscapes, they tend to automatically picture (and then talk about) the Rocky Mountains. But a focused use of inbound marketing can shift the international gaze to Ontario and its many wonderful natural and wilderness places.

For example, Australians who like to escape the heat of January often never go beyond thinking “Whistler.” But there are probably plenty of cold-weather-craving non-skiing Australians who would be delighted to find out that they can snowshoe in Ontario provincial parks…and still have warm places to sleep at night. Ontario tourism providers just have to capture their attention (through targeted blogs, SEO and social media), make it easy for them to set up the trip, build a relationship with them through email campaigns and newsletters, and get them talking about it to all their Australian friends using whatever tools they can, like twitter hashtags and client articles.

Bonus: Building a Relationship with Foreign Visitors Means You Find Out What They Want

The more Ontario Tourism Providers know about their target market, the better they can evolve their inbound marketing material. The result? International tourists will talk about Ontario as much as they now tend to talk about the Rocky Mountains.

Do you want to attract more international tourists to your Ontario tourism region?

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