3 Things Holding Businesses Back from Doing Content Marketing

May 24, 2013 |   2 minute read

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I was just reading, "11 Strategies To Massively Grow Your Network Marketing Business", which was a link on my WBN Ottawa LinkedIn Group digest email this morning. I'm not technically a Network Marketer in it's definitive sense, but I try to listen to what advice this industry disseminates because network marketers are keen on some things that are very important to me and my clients: sales, content marketing and relationships. Pretty generic, huh? Isn't that important to all businesses?
Well, here is exactly my point.
When I read this article this morning, I thought - yes, there are some good tips in there about the kinds of things you can do to build your business. One of them is having a positive mindset and taking rejection well. That's a very real sales principle any sales person needs to know.

On the marketing level there are even more tangible tips in this article: "Advertise webinars" (so lots of people can sit in at once), set up a list and send out valuable messages to make people want to listen. "Run a Facebook group" that attracts like minded people."

I bet when you read those tips, you're thinking: these are all great ideas. Which, I thank Eric McLaughlin for sharing again concisely -- even if you've heard them before, they are a good reminder.
But, for those of you who already know these are good things to do, and you want to be doing them, but yet, they aren't being done, here is my message to you. I want to extend these tips into something more tangible for you.
If you're like me - there's no question in your mind that " content marketing" works, and that it can work well for your business. However there are three things likely holding you back from doing content marketing:
  1. Time to set up the creative space to think about implementing them.
  2. Figuring out what you would say in each of these messages that would actually BOOST your brand and thought leadership (rather than annoy your list of contacts and interrupt them).
  3. Deciding what software to use.

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