Business Blog Series - How to Publish Posts on your Business blog

February 29, 2012 |   3 minute read

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Business Blog Series - How to Publish Posts on your Business blog

Business Blogging is essential to building rapport with your clients online. Your business website blog is the best way to create trust and nurture relationships using content. 

We hope we have helped you understand the importance of business blogging. Here are links to more articles to help you write and share your business blog and build your online reputation using quality content and effective websites.

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How to Publish Posts on Your WordPress Site

If you are new to using WordPress, it is important to understand how to publish posts on your business blog. Here are some guidelines and actions to consider as you post your blogs. Start from your dashboard and select New Post. Make sure you give it a title and then add your content to the body.  Now, you'll want to make sure you fill in the details for the options listed here:

  • Publish Immediately or Schedule: A great advantage of using WordPress is that you can write many posts at once and schedule them for future dates. This helps you ensure you are consistently posting to your audience.
  • Categories: To make it easy for your readers, you should create general categories to file your posts. For example, in this post, we filed it under 'Blogging for Business,' 'DIY Small Business Website,' and 'New Business Help.'
  • Tags: what keywords are important in your post? What would your viewers type into a search engine to find this blog article? Add them to the tag field.
  • Comments: You want to make sure you encourage discussion on your blog or website. Make sure you have someone to moderate comments and monitor for spammers.
  • Links: Try to interest your readers so they stay on longer. Add relevant interlinks to your content so they click through and stay on your website to get more helpful information.

Maximize Your Content Reach Using a Growth-Driven Website Design

Your website is a cornerstone for building your business online. Use your blogs to offer helpful information to your ideal customers. Attract them to your website with effective SEO and keep them there with interlinked content, blogs, social posts and email content that draws them back to your website and helps them make a buying decision.

Growth-driven websites are designed to offer the best experience for your target audiences and make it easier for you to sell your business online

Using HubSpot to create your website opens up opportunities to build an online reputation with a content strategy that includes website design and other content-sharing avenues so you can turn your website visitors into customers. 


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