7 Content Strategies to Turn Visitors into Customers

October 21, 2013 |   2 minute read


7 Content Strategies to Turn Visitors into Customers

How can content turn visitors into customers? Copywriters and content strategists love to answer this question. Your content strategy is all about your ideal customer. Content is the tool you have to attract and lead buyers through their decision-making journey. Your strategy is how you best use that tool to convert visitors to customers.

You might have loads of content now. If it's not working for you, check to see if it's targeting the right audience. Content is more than just facts about your business. It's facts about your business plus how your products and services can solve problems for your target customers. 

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Once you understand your target market, create your content around the what's in it for me (WIIFM), principle. WIIFFM means giving your visitors a reason to come to your website and a reason to stay. Use helpful blog content, longer-form guides and how-tos they can sign up for to access (this gives visitors the knowledge they want and also gives you contact information so your team can nurture the relationship further). Add some videos and testimonials to show your expertise and build trust between you and your consumers.

Here are seven content strategies to try using content to promote user engagement:

  1. Determine the reasons why people buy your products and services. You'll need to know and understand your target market and what’s important to them.
  2. Offer proof by sharing evidence and testimonials of the people you've served successfully. Helpful information like this attracts and reassures new business leads to keep you on their radar.
  3. Transfer your confidence in your product to the customer and maintain brand consistency in all marketing materials via tone, diction, effective language,  and Search engine optimization keyword techniques.
  4. Create a call to action. Give your customers a reason to create or maintain a relationship with you 
  5. Design an offer. Use your business expertise and unique selling proposition to offer something better than your competitors. Sharing valuable content at no cost in exchange for contact details or a subscription helps you build customer relationships.  
  6. Give an incentive for why your visitors should act now. One-time deals, limited opportunities, etc., add a sense of urgency for action. (A good content strategy will give them the opportunity again if they pass on the first go. This is nurturing contacts through their buyer's journey at their own pace.)
  7. Make sure visitors know how you can solve their problems. Your content should include an overview of the problem you solve using succinct language. No fluff or filler words. 

Does your website turn visitors into customers? These strategies will help you keep visitors and put you ahead of your competition.

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