Content Marketing Series - What Are Your Content Marketing Rules?

May 29, 2012 |   2 minute read

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Content Marketing Series - What Are Your Content Marketing Rules?

Need some help keeping up with the changing SEO rules from search engines like Google? Content marketing rules combine the fundamentals of what works in marketing content writing with making sure the content will get noticed and be highly ranked by Google. 

Use Content Marketing Rules to Maximize Your Google SEO Savvy

Google changes the rules to accommodate changes in user behaviour and ensure that new tech like AI is used appropriately. However, your website's rankings will always be based on your creation and dissemination of good content.

Search engines will always try to weed out the content that is inauthentic.  You want to avoid unknowingly creating content content that will be penalized. Changes in SEO rules are actually good for you as a legitimate business. As Google updates ranking rules, it is more difficult for bad content to get first billing on search engine results pages (SERPs). It's your responsibility when marketing your business to know and follow the rules to maximize your impact online. 

Here are some Basic marketing rules to follow for your content creation

  • Showcase your expertise and years of experience. Search engines look for proof of your experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to give you more credibility online.
  • Share your unique industry knowledge. While AI makes it easier to churn out content quickly and inundate online platforms with "new" posts, the human touch and your unique selling features are still valuable for boosting your online reputation.
  • Build your reputation as a leader in your industry. Offer helpful content to your target audience that's accessible through multiple channels. Use a variety of formats like videos, social posts, blogs, and free demos to show customers that you can solve their problems.
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Content Marketing Rules to Keep Your Business in Google Good Books

For successful content marketing, follow these guidelines to see changes in your user's activity and audience growth.

  1. Update your content. Currency is really important online. Updated content trumps outdated content, even if you have a little less over time. Reuse what's unchanging (pillar contact) and update what is. 
  2. Share relevant content. If your headline promises one topic, ensure your keywords and the content provide that information. You can interlink blogs and add suggestions for more information, but keep the core content on topic. 
  3. Offer valuable content. Consumers are looking to solve a problem or fill a need. Organize your content around useful information your ideal customer wants to read, which will help them decide to buy.

Have You Been Following the Marketing Rules and Now Need Sales Growth Help?

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