Does Your Website Turn Visitors into Customers?

June 16, 2010 |   2 minute read

Does Your Website Turn Visitors into Customers?

Your ultimate goal is to turn visitors to your website into customers. An effective content strategy can draw leads to your site. To boost conversions, focus your website design and content efforts on making it easy for them to buy once there.  Read on to learn what you must consider when converting website visitors into customers.

Make Visitors Want to Stay on Your Website and Keep Them Off Your Competitors'

You want your website to generate revenue. You want the process to be easy for you and your consumers, so keep in mind these website fundamentals while you're working on your site to help you accomplish your sales goals.

Three ways to help you sell your business online:

  1. Be mindful of your layout – Make finding information on your website easy. Website readers are trained to navigate from the business' homepage. From there, menus and linked content can be used so users can find the data they're looking for to make a buying decision. Provide opportunities to access helpful information, leave feedback and sign up for contact. If you've got the staff to respond or are interested in AI, add a chat option to answer questions quickly and keep users from going to another site for help. 
  2. Add effective headlines. Use headlines to break up long text sections, draw attention to keywords, and lead readers to their desired content. Write benefit-driven headlines to help your reader navigate relevant information. Under headlines, make sure to link text to more helpful content on the site and add calls to action, such as downloadable content offers or free demos, to build trust and connection with your target audience.
  3. Give visitors a method to stay in touch. Offering free newsletter subscriptions or more helpful content allows you to ask for more contact information so you can nurture new leads directly. 

Using customer relationship management software such as HubSpot can help you create a website that converts and combines all your marketing and sales efforts in one platform. Working as a team within HubSpot lets you plan and execute efforts to meet your revenue goals using all your in-house experts, from sales to marketing, admin, and executives. New Call-to-action

Look at your website through the eyes of a customer. What's a reason you click away from websites?


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