Does your website turn visitors into customers?

June 16, 2010 |   1 minute read

Growth-Driven Design Websites

Here are some of the things to consider when trying to convert visitors into customers.

Don't make it so easy to click away from your business website, and onto your competitors'.

1) Layout – it should be easy to move between pages, posts and the homepage on your business website. Website readers are trained to navigate from the business' homepage. If it's hard to find the “home” page, you'll prevent readers from going through to another section of your business website.
2)   Headlines – Having lots of content on your website shouldn't be a bad thing. But if you aren’t using headlines, people will lose interest faster than they can scroll. Write benefit-driven headlines to help your reader navigate relevant information on your business website. Not everyone likes the same thing, so if you cater for a variety of your audience's interests, they're more likely to think you have their best interests at heart--that's good customer service online!
3)   Give visitors a method to stay in touch – it’s too easy to bookmark a site and never return, we’ve all done it hundreds of times. Even worse is the potential for clicking closed the website and feeling like you can never find it again. That’s why you need to give your reader a way to stay in touch right at the top of the page – hopefully it’s the option they see first. You can do it in a number of ways, two popular ways are via a newsletter sign up, or an RSS feed.

What's a reason you click away from websites?

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