"Tangible Words developed a Communications Plan and Content Strategy"

December 04, 2014 |   2 minute read

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"Ever since I attended a Tangible Words workshop, I've been impressed—and relieved—to have found an organisation who really understands our needs; from offering workshop accessibility options to using a process that really allows Tangible Words to have a solid sense of who we are as a company.
Our biggest problem was trying to improve our website to increase sales. Tangible Words’ SEO consultations about our blog work was vital - we learned all the things we were missing out on and how to really turn the blog into a user-friendly sales tool. We had been doing a good job of creating content in house, but without Tangible Words’ help, we didn't know how to leverage our internal content creation so that the site offered more than an article database for customers.
The new SEO website copywriting Tangible Words created for our site, and their liaison with our web developer, is also getting us the results we needed. Now people get the purpose and benefits of our products within the first 3 seconds they are on the site. As a result, not only are people finding our company website more readily, we’re getting more website inquiries, and best of all — we’re making 3 to 4 times more sales each week!
Our next steps? Tangible Words is now developing a long-term Communications Plan and Content Strategy for our company, and will provide monthly marketing support through a Content Partnership so we can continue to grow at this awesome rate.

Update: "Our Online Sales have increased 340% since Tangible Words helped us with our website copywriting!"

- Sally Bowen, Manager, Topsy Farms


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