All Our Writers Are Trained - Why Not Yours Too?

August 08, 2013 |   1 minute read


All Our Writers Are Trained - Why Not Yours Too?
All of our writers go through an Introduction to Copywriting Course, so we can speak the same language about writing - that way we also know how to fix it.

Are You Looking For A Company To Outsource Your Writing, Or Maybe You Want To Keep It In-house?

Invest in professional development for your marketing team or other staff responsible for writing content. They can learn how to write or improve their sales and marketing copy for your business. Or they can improve their grammar when writing letters.
We're the company for that- we train your staff, and if they leave, we have the bank of knowledge about what they were doing for you in order to train your next employee, so the great ideas stay in your business, instead of walking away. You may even want a 'Best Practices' Guide created so that all of your writing on your business blog or website is consistent regardless of how many writers you have.
Even better, your staff will know how to efficiently manage your strategic communications: online in website content, company blogs, social media, email marketing and your trade shows.

Choose A Course That Will Develop Your Writers' Skill Set and Boost Your Business:


Learn how to write and manage your company’s content marketing: from website words to social media to sales letters and article marketing.



Designed to pinpoint participants’ writing (or speaking) challenges. Each member learns tools for self-correction, from idea organisation to clear expression.



Learn the fundamentals of writing Sales and Marketing Content for Business.

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