Does your 'Call To Action' Even Work?

August 05, 2011 |   2 minute read


Does your 'Call To Action' Even Work?

If you want to start a relationship with prospects from your website and turn visitors into customers, give them a reason to stay. You can do this by including enticing offers and incentives that make them want to learn more about your business and give you the opportunity to build a connection with them. If you do not put any thought into incentives or offers, you're missing out on lead nurturing and conversion opportunities.

An effective call to action on your website is more than just  the words "call me" with your contact details.

Your website content needs to consider your target audience's interests and purposes for being on your site. When you know what your customers are thinking, give them easy access to what they want to read about. (Pro tip: Address your target audience's wants and needs in your content creation strategy, and ideas for calls to action will come to you much easier.)

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Where to Add Your Calls to Action

Placement of your calls to action is important, too. When users are reading online, let them control their scrolling but help lead them to the information they want. Using marketing tools such as automated pop-ups can interrupt readers. Some people are happy to click, while the interruption might put others off. Ensure these options are easily closed and don't come up repeatedly. (Using software such as HubSpot helps you tailor and automate features like pop-ups so you can offer the best of both worlds to your users). You want to give your consumers access to opportunities without annoying them.

Add your calls to action (CTAs) using appealing image buttons with details about what help clicking will provide the consumers. Line the CTA buttons up with similar content on your page that complements the offered information. 

Use calls to action to add to your reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable provider of your services and help sell your business online. Prove to prospective buyers why they should bother to click on a CTA, using the what's in it for me (WIIFM) principle. Good incentives keep your leads on your page and give you an opportunity to build relationships and nurture connections until a buying decision is made. If there isn't an incentive your target audience considers valuable, then they'll quickly go off to another website served up to them by Google and social feeds.

CTAs should follow the buyer's journey, too. Here's how you can lead prospects through their research:

  • New leads can get information from simple freebie content such as listicles and top ten lists.
  • More serious buyers will sign up for more detailed information about your industry and services in the form of e-books or how-to videos that solve a problem.
  • For your sales-qualified leads, offers of free demos and consultations can help close the deal. 

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