Attract Your Niche Market With Good Copywriting

March 07, 2016 |   2 minute read

Attract Your Niche Market With Good Copywriting

If you’re trying to get attention for your product, but it's not working, look at your marketing. If your niche market or target audience is not finding you online, they won't know how to buy from you.

Attracting your niche market is not about how much you spend on ads or how cutting-edge your website is. Effective online marketing comes from the language you use to sell your product.

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Consumers want to know why what offer is so great and why they would choose your business over another.

Do you know your unique selling proposition (USP)? It's important that you do because this is where your marketing begins. Your USP separates you from your competition and drives consumers to buy your product. It's also the basis for all of your content.

Here's an Example of Successful Niche Marketing 

Look at Zenni Optical’s simple ad. Get prescription glasses for $6.95. Few say no to this amazing deal. Their USP? Buy from Zenni because you get prescription glasses cheap.
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Make no mistake, Zenni’s uncovered a niche, and you can, too, even if you can’t play the price game.

How do you figure out your niche market? Talk to a content strategist to identify your unique qualities and the ideal customers you're targeting. With a simple conversation, an objective, trained content marketer can uncover your USP for you so you can find your niche.

Once you know your niche market, you craft the words you’ll use to sell.  Consistent language with a simple message you can use on your website, in social media, and even in print that’ll increase your sales. Because your consumers will know exactly what you’re offering them and why it’s different and better than the others. You then build on that useful language with different types of online content that will reach your buyers. Beyond your website content, ensure that you create blogs, social posts, e-books, and videos to showcase your experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. These pieces of content help you build your reputation and make you more appealing than your competition. 

Check out how even Loblaw’s can benefit from using a copywriter.

You can find your niche. Take ten minutes to talk to Alysha and get copywriters working for you.

Do You Know Your Niche Market, But Are Still Having Trouble Making Sales?

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