How Website Copywriting Can Get Your Ottawa Business Noticed

September 21, 2015 |   5 minute read

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How Website Copywriting Can Get Your Ottawa Business Noticed

In Ottawa, your target audience is ripe for your business. Problem is, they might find your competitors first. And, you'll always have competition whether you’re a leading high tech firm, government support agency, tourism operator, or financial advisor. Even non-profit organizations need to market because they’re competing for supporters of their cause.

But you know you’re better than your competition, right? How? You need to articulate exactly what makes you better. Once you’ve defined your unique selling proposition, use your website content to tell people about it and how your business benefits them. That’s the crux of copywriting and why you need to think about the copywriting return on investment for your Ottawa business.

Here’s 3 Ways Website Copywriting Helps You Do More Ottawa Business (or Wherever You Operate)

  1. Well planned website content uses keywords to trigger search engine optimization (SEO) so online searches for your services will place your Ottawa business near or at the top of search results. When consumers see you first they know you must be the best option for exactly what they’re looking for (and Google makes sure you’ve got the website content to prove it).
  2. Using simple language ensures your consumers will understand what you’re offering, especially if they don’t know anything about your service. Objective website copywriters cut to the chase without getting bogged down in industry jargon (this can be challenging for insiders because it’s difficult to break away from your language comfort zone). Making consumers feel more confident, not stupid, when making a purchase decision is a nod in your favour.
  3. Your website is more than information storage, it is your online sales force. You can use it to inform and help your consumers get what they want—from you. Use the right language to give consumers a reason to get in touch, right now. People are more apt to do something when they’re given some direction and it’s easy for them to do (simple language + one click=mission accomplished).

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While you’re thinking about how you can fit professional website copywriting into your budget, remember this: your website copy is not “Rah Rah, look at us!” It’s “Hey, here's what we do that’s exactly what you’re looking for, let’s talk”.

No confusing BS language that doesn’t tell your consumers anything. Tell it like it is, and if they want what you offer they’ll call; if they don’t, you’d never get their business anyway. You’re welcome.

Tangible Words does business across Canada and abroad in Australia, and we’ve set up shop in Ottawa too. Contact Alysha to get personalized and professional content management and website copywriting services from people operating in your area.

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