The Benefits of A Company Facebook Page and How to Get 'Liked'

September 13, 2017 |   5 minute read


The Benefits of A Company Facebook Page and How to Get 'Liked'

Facebook, like Twitter, has the power to attract – but only if you know when and what to post on your company Facebook page. For companies that use blogs, circulating information via social media can boost the visits to their blog, increasing authority online and improving word-of-mouth marketing.
Use our Twitter tips and the Facebook tips in this article to elevate your business on both platforms. You'll be that much closer to becoming a master of your field on social media!

Companies That Use Blogs Can Convert Leads To Sales Using Facebook Too

your company facebook pageThink of Facebook as an offshoot of your main web presence. Work to gather a crowd at this off-site location to build business and brand awareness. Doing so enables you to drive traffic to your blog via links. Or, if you prefer the direct route, have your Facebook contacts become friends and leads in one place by selling directly with a Facebook Shop.
If someone sees value in what you are offering (and if your company Facebook page is professionally arranged) they’ll spread the word. They will give you likes and refer to you on other social media platforms. Craft your gems of content with the aim to engage your audience, and start converting leads to sales.

Remember: The power of Facebook lies in sharing - what you share is shared in turn. The ripple effect could mean massive gains for your business.

As your influence spreads, so will your keywords. In turn, that will get Google involved. When you’ve reached this point, congratulations! Your social media commitment has earned you business momentum, making it even easier for your blog to be found and to convert leads to sales.
Here are a couple of quick tips to reinvigorate your business Facebook page (in case it has stalled).

Companies That Use Blogs: Quality Content And Timing On Your Company Facebook Page Is Important

If you want to not just be found, but liked on Facebook, be selective about the timing and quality of posts. Start simple: use Facebook Page Basics to create your company Facebook page:

  1. Two Professional Photos: Make sure both photos are clear and formatted to fit their designated space. Add more as you go and update.
  2. A Page Name: Your business/brand name.
  3. Profile Info: What your business offers, to whom, and your values. You may choose to edit as your company grows.
  4. A Call to Action: The more irresistible, the better.

These four identifiers are staples in your business account because they remind both you and your audience of your business values and goals. Use them as a foundation for expanding the reach of your services and deepening your buyer relationships. As for Facebook page content, entice your audience by giving them a taste of the killer content they can expect if they were to visit your blog.


Time Your Facebook Posts To Capture Audience

When it comes to timing, Facebook gives you more breathing space than Twitter. This is why it’s important to coordinate your marketing efforts and plan ahead.

When it comes to Facebook, don’t beat the crowds, meet the crowds.

A company Facebook page with quality content does the company no good if you don't have a solid understanding of your reader. Don’t aim your value blindly. Know where your audience will be and when they’ll be there so you can deliver the goods right into their hands instead of into the wind.

Deliver quality content at the right place, right time.

According to this nifty infographic on Quicksprout, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. And the best times of day are 1pm and 3pm for shares and clicks respectively. Also, make use of status updates to connect with your audience, colleagues, and consumers when at conference or business events. As a business, you want to be found.

See 5 Simple Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Facebook Business Page for more on what to include. The more people you attract to your Facebook page, the more people you attract to your blog.


Here’s More Ways To Generate Leads With Your Company Facebook Page

Discover the needs and whereabouts of your customers on social media by getting the facts:
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