Consistent Business Branding – Your Website is Only the First Step

April 27, 2012 |   2 minute read

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Consistent Business Branding – Your Website is Only the First Step

Businesses in Toronto, across Ontario and in Melbourne, Australia seem to always want to 'rebrand' by starting with their website. This is never  a bad thing as often businesses have an old website and really need it written properly by a website copywriter. However, they stop at that.

Consistent Business Branding is Essential for a Successful Business

Have you ever noticed that when you see a Coca Cola tv commercial, or a poster, or their bottles, that the same messages appear? That they clearly are the same company? Or how about Nike? Their logo appears everywhere and you don't see 'Just Do it' in one place and 'Just Capture it' somewhere else.
Just because you may not be as big as Coca Cola or Nike, doesn't mean the same rules apply. If you decide to revamp your website and really work out your U.S.P and the benefits of your business and invest in content that talks to your clients, then you can't just stop at your website.

What about your business brochures, email marketing, social media, blogging?

Although many of our clients don't know exactly what they might need once they have redone their website, there will always be other materials to implement your consistent business messages. Offering clients ongoing contracts that provides flexibility on what gets content written next, allows businesses to have a future branding plan.
Think about all the other tools you use to attract clients. Do you have a brochure? Sales Letters? Email Marketing? Facebook? A Business Blog? Likely you have one if not more than one of these, and they to need attention like your website.
Still not sure? Take a look at the samples page, testimonials and even the case stories might help you understand how your business can benefit from consistent branding. Any questions?